Launch of the EEA Minorities in Economics (MinE) Committee

Presenter(s) Type Length Chair
Massimo Morelli Ghazala Azmat Vincent Sterk Tim Lee Jan Eeckhout Panel 27/08 08:00 UTC
Massimo Morelli

Much more can be done to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in the economics profession. The new MinE committee hopes to take a first step forward.

The representation of minorities is below population averages, there continue to be overt and covert cases of discrimination and prejudice, there are still too many barriers to access for people with disabilities, and there is limited recourse for being heard. With the launch we would like your input and collaboration to help us identify how to best address these issues.

We will have a general discussion and break-out meetings on specific topics. People are invited from various ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and anyone else interested in related issues or who is concerned/curious.

Please join us!

MinE is about breaking barriers, therefore this session is open to all here