Julio Cáceres Delpiano

Universidad Carlos III

My research is focused on three areas: (1) fertility, and its impact on the accumulation of human capital; (2) reforms in divorce laws, their impact on crime, and on the welfare levels of children and mothers, and; (3) Economics of the education.

Carolina Caetano

Gregorio Caetano

Rossella Calvi

Rice University

Modibo Camara

Northwestern University

Economics PhD student at Northwestern University, working at the intersection of microeconomic theory and computer science.

Andrea Camilli

University of Milano-Bicocca

Antoine Camous

University of Mannheim

Cristiano Cantore

Bank of England


Felipe Carozzi

Carlos Carrillo-Tudela

University of Essex

My research focuses on understanding the effects of human capital, worker mobility and occupational switching on unemployment and wage inequality over the business cycle and in the long-run. More recently I have been investigating firm dynamics and firms' recruitment policies with the aim of understanding their effects on unemployment and its duration distribution over the business cycle. I use search and matching theory and quantitative methods as primary tools to study these effects.