Diego Kaenzig

London Business School

I am a PhD candidate at London Business School. My research interests are in business cycles and macroeconomic policy. In my research, I study the role of energy and climate change for financial and macroeconomic fluctuations and how economic inequality and household finance matter for the macroeconomy and macroeconomic policy. My research highlights that climate change and inequality also have important implications for the business cycle, above and beyond the significant long-run effects.

Jay Kahn

Office of Financial Research

Robert Jay Kahn is a research economist at the Office of Financial Research, U.S. Department of the Treasury. His research explores the macroeconomic consequences of financial frictions in the provision of safety and liquidity by financial markets, with special attention to money markets and Treasury markets. He received a PhD in finance from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Caspar Kaiser

Wellbeing Research Centre, University of Oxford

Ilze Kalnina

North Carolina State University

Myrto Kalouptsidi

Harvard University

Ashwin Kambhampati

United States Naval Academy

My research is in the area of microeconomic theory; I am particularly interested in applications of contract theory and matching theory to problems concerning the internal organization of firms.

Ilja Kantorovitch


PhD in Economics from UPF. Starting a Postdoc at EPFL in September. Interested in Macroeconomics, Finance, Information Economics.

David M. Kaplan

University of Missouri

Loukas Karabarbounis

University of Minnesota

Rene Karadakic