Riccardo Zago

Anna Zaharieva

Nahim Zahur

Queen's University

Diego Zambiasi

University College Dublin

Diego Zambiasi is a PhD candidate in Economics at University College Dublin. He specializes in the economic and social consequences of illicit drug policies as well as migration policies. Diego holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Milan, a Masters in Public Policy from the Free University of Bolzano and a Masters in Economics from the University of the Basque Country.

Francesco Zanetti

Emilio Zanetti Chini

Sapienza University Rome

I am an econometrician with specific interests in time series analysis, nonlinear models and forecasting techniques. I obtained a MSc in Economics in 2010 and a PhD in International Economics, both at University of Rome "Tor Vergata" in 2014. Since then, I has been post-doctoral researcher at University of Pavia up to 2018. Since September 2021 I will join the University of Bergamo - Department of Economics as Senior Assistant Professor Econometrics.

Dan Zeltzer

Tel Aviv University

Dan Zeltzer is an assistant professor at Tel Aviv University School of Economics. He received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University, where he visits the Center for Health and Wellbeing. His interests include various aspects of health economics, including physician referral networks, new modes of care delivery, and the use of machine learning and predictive modeling in healthcare.

Mariana Zerpa

University of Leuven

Assistant Professor, University of Leuven
IZA Research Affiliate

Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg

Humboldt University of Berlin

I am Post-Doctoral Researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin since Fall 2020. My field of research is Macroeconomics, where I focus on International and Monetary Economics as well as Finance.

Lina Zhang

University of Amsterdam

I am an Assistant Professor in the Quantitative Economics Section at University of Amsterdam, School of Economics, Netherlands. My primary research interests include the identification and inference problems in studying treatment effects and program evaluation.