Junji Xiao

Lingnan University

Professor Junji XIAO has been an associate professor in economics at Lingnan University since 2021. He is an economist with research interest in the fields of empirical industrial organization, environmental economics and China economy. His recent work has explored such topics as the competition structure, the welfare effect of environmental policies and the vertical restraints. Before joining Lingnan University, he taught at UTS Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fudan Univer

Pengpeng Xiao

IFS and Duke University

Mingjia Xie

Tilburg University

I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research in School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Ruoxuan Xiong

Boli Xu

Northwestern University

I am a rising fifth-year Ph.D. student from Northwestern University with research interests in economic theory and financial economics. In particular, my current work concerns dynamic games and their applications.

Nancy Xu

Boston College

Xiaohan Xue

ICMA Centre, University of Reading

Hello! I am Xiaohan Xue, a last year PhD student in the ICMA Centre, University of Reading, UK. I am currently on the job market. My research areas include financial econometrics, empirical asset pricing, climate finance and machine learning for financial applications. Hope you all enjoy the conference!